I am a New Jersey-based writer and full time English teacher. As far as writing goes, I am a predominantly visual person, which influences my writing process significantly. Usually I picture something in my head first, then figure out how to turn that picture into descriptive and interesting words on paper.

Aside from writing, I love food, both cooking it and eating it. I love to read, however you'd be surprised how difficult it is to read for pleasure from September to June as an English teacher​. I am a dedicated and passionate sports fan, so there tends to be significant yelling and screaming at the television. 

And then there's the predictable stuff: I love comic books and have been collecting them since I was in middle school in the 90's. I started with "The Amazing Spider-man", which quickly opened my world to all sorts of titles. I even taught myself how to draw because I was so inspired by Jim Lee's artwork in "X-Men". My love for drawing eventually evolved into a love for writing, because I could do more with the pictures in my head. Of course, I am also a huge fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones, to name a few things.

I'm a pretty down-to-earth person. Quite honestly, my favorite pastime is to just sit down with a cup of coffee, relax, and talk about mundane things. I welcome questions, comments, and feedback, so please feel free to contact me. I'll be willing and able to respond quickly to any comments or questions.

Also be sure to check out my Facebook Author Page: Khalid Uddin - Author, and my Instagram page, @khalid.uddin.author, where I tend to post updates about my book and insights about the writing process. Thanks!A lone house sites on a hill, some spare shrubs surround it. There’s a white picket fence, cached with dust but still well mended. Its posts echo the hills rolling beneath. Everything is gentle and nothing seems hard. Why there’s a two-story tower in the middle of the plain...wait, maybe it’s not the middle. From where you are, the plain totally surrounds you. It looks like you could walk miles in either direction and still be nowhere nears its edges. The middle then must be somewhere, but you can’t be sure it’s where you are and where this building is. The building appears to have just the one door and two windows and no apparent purpose. Maybe if there were a horse tied up out back, or at least some semblance of people having been here. To find out, you might just have to go in and see for yourself.