Rise of the Red Harbinger is a fantasy adventure novel, which is the first in a series of four books. It is targeted at young adult and adult audiences.  This fantasy adventure revolves around several characters with extraordinary abilities who are being hunted to extinction by more than one enemy. â€‹

This story is set on the fictional continent of Ashur, where people celebrate four of five Harbingers of their God, the Orijin. Hundreds of descendants of Darian, one of the original Harbingers, now find themselves with remarkable abilities, however they are distinguished by a black line intersecting the left eye. Most of Ashur sees them as a threat or a nuisance, which means they must either live on the run or in hiding. 

To make matters worse, the fifth Harbinger is still alive and wants to kill all of these descendants as a means of revenge against Darian.fantasy adventure fantasy adventure 

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On Saturday, October 2nd, I'll be at the Collingswood Book Festival, selling signed and inscribed copies of "Rise of the Red Harbinger"! I'll be one of dozens of authors there from 10-4, so come check it out if you're in the South Jersey/Philly area! Check out the details here:​​https://www.collingswoodbookfestival.com/

My inspiration for this story has come from dozens of sources, including friends, music, film, literature, daydreams, mythology, comic books, history, and of course, experiences.

Many characters are based on real people, and every chapter has a soundtrack ranging from 30-75 songs that help to evoke certain moods, mindsets, and emotions. 

This story revolves around the characters' beliefs in a fictional religion, which I created from pieces of several religions, ideologies, and philosophies. 

The setting is a standard fantasy world, but with much influence from historical military, such as ancient Rome, Japanese samurai, and World War II Germany (kind of a strange mix, I know - but strange in a good way).

Book 2 - tentatively titled "The Ghosts of Ashur" is currently in progress and should be out by early 2022!