Khalid Uddin


Wow, it's been a while since the last update! Well, first things first, we welcomed my baby daughter, Ava, to the world in October! She's awesome and smiling is her favorite! From the looks of it, Ava is going to be a spitting image of her older sister. And that being said, I've had very little time to write in the past few months, but I am working on Book 2 when I can, here and there. I've thought up several plot points and some great twists, so I promise you that when it eventually gets finished, it will be a worthy sequel to Rise of the Red Harbinger! Enjoy the snippet from Chapter 1 on the Book 2 Preview tab!


So far, sales have been steady! If you've purchased Rise of the Red Harbinger, then I am quite grateful for your support and I hope you are enjoying/have enjoyed the book! I am about to start writing Book 2, which is tentatively titled, The Ghosts of Ashur. I already know how/where it will begin and from whose point of view. I will also be adding (at least) two new points of view, and both are female characters that were prominent in Red Harbinger​. 


Rise of the Red Harbinger is all set! Final edits have been made, along with all of the minutiae. There's even an awesome map that will be in the book. Now we're working on all of the promos and setting up for official release. Not to mention, I'll be at the Chicago BookCon this weekend to sign sampler handouts of the first two chapters. If anyone is in the area, I'll be at the Open Door Publications booth throughout the day, and signing between 1-2pm! I hope to see you there! I'll be live-tweeting as much as I can throughout the day!


​Working on putting together sample chapters to hand out at Chicago BookCon! The official cover will be included on that!


Cover design is in the works! It will be a scene from the novel!

Also, the name of the series is "The Drowned Realm"!

3/15/16 (12;04AM):

Rise of the Red Harbinger is officially complete! Although I have a few minor things to add, the first draft of the novel is entirely written! And of course, the hard work continues!


Book title has been changed to Rise of the Red Harbinger. Adds more pop and action to the title, and it represents the story better. I have about 3 sections of the last chapter left to write, and it has to be done in two days. Despite the pressure, this final chapter has been so much fun to write, especially knowing that there are a ton of cliffhangers and "holy crap" moments. Can't wait to finish!


This past Monday, I spoke with my publisher and we discussed the release date. It turns out that, because I'm maintaining a decent pace with writing, The House of Darian should be out by June. We're hoping it could even be ready for BookCon in May, but that all depends on how quickly I finish and how everything proceeds once the writing is done. With that being said, time to get back to Chapter 23.


I just finished writing Chapter 22! While that's exciting in itself, what makes it even more exciting is that there is ONE chapter left to write! Chapter 23 will be quite long because there are so many things going on and a ton of points of view, so I'm considering splitting it into two chapters, but only if it makes sense to do so. It's the last chapter, so who really cares if it's the longest one? 


Started writing Chapter 22 tonight and I'm already 2 1/2 pages in. Glad I took the time to map out these last two chapters so extensively because the writing has come pretty easy so far. I'm challenging myself to finish writing EVERYTHING by the end of February. Let's see how it goes!


Chapter 21 is complete. I've had half of it done for a while, but I definitely did not think that I would finish the rest of it so quickly. In the past two weeks, I have doubled my efforts towards planning everything out, piece by piece, for the remainder of the book. Looks like it's paying off very quickly!

Speaking of planning out, it looks like Chapter 23, the final chapter, will have about fourteen point-of-view changes. Not fourteen different characters, but it will go back and forth quite frequently. That's going to be an incredibly fun one to write (I mean that literally and sarcastically).


I just finished writing Chapter 20. It's taken about five weeks to write this chapter and I'm going to have to increase my efforts if I want to finish this in less than two months. The good news is that I only have about 2 1/2 chapters left to write. Most of Chapter 21 is done. Chapter 22 will be a shorter one, and Chapter 23 will be the last one.


"The House of Darian" will be targeted for an August release as an e-book, most likely on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I will also look to be at Chicago's BookCon in May, where I'm planning to have printed samples of a few chapters. If you're in the Chicago area, definitely check it out!


I just finished writing Chapter 19. As I've mentioned on my Facebook Author page, I definitely want to be able to write from various points of view, especially strong female characters. Chapter 19 focuses on Adria, who is definitely a strong female, and one of my favorites. Not to mention, there are some pretty awesome twists in this chapter that connect to previous chapters and future events beyond this book. 


Currently, The House of Darian has about four chapters to go until it is complete. The book will end up totaling 23 chapters, as well as a Prologue and Epilogue. The story itself is a pretty big scale and I have fun writing it. I suppose that's why I'm confident that you'll like it as well - because aside from some really new and fresh components in the fantasy genre, this story has simply been exciting to write. Type your paragraph here.